Core Photonics

Corephotonics is the fifth startup I had the privilege to launch with the same clique of usual suspects.
During our pre-financing investor solicitations we all had immediate chemistry with Modi Rosen and unanimously defined him as a persona-grata in our BOD. Thus, we rejoiced twice when Magma decided to lead Corephotonics' first round.

Later on, Shraga Katz came in as Magma's member in Corephotonics' BOD. Even knowing Shraga's track record and vast experience, we are still continuously surprised of his contributions in corporate issues, strategic planning, new product introduction and operations – always delivered with a calm, and irresistibly friendly and supportive approach.

Moving forward we learned to know Yahal Zilka, which in a short span of time proactively jump-started a strategic alliance we could not have thought of ourselves, in spite of our many years in the industry.

As a company in its very early stage, we can vouch with authority that Magma Ventures is the dream VC for a startup like ours. You could say Magma partners are spiritual co-founders. It is a privilege to have them join this adventure in which we have invested our own commitment for the coming years.

To close the circle, I can add that I approached Magma in two of my previous companies and they decided to pass on those past opportunities. Their investment in Corephotonics is therefore a symbolic graduation, which I would like to hope, anticipates a greater success of our team than ever before.

David Mendlovic-CEO, Corephotonics