Why Israel

Israel: Disruptive Innovation Hub & Venture Capital Investment Opportunity

Israel population is less than 8 million people, measures a mere 7,992 square miles (roughly the size of New Jersey), and founded merely a few decades ago. Yet, Israel represents the largest concentration of Start-ups per-capita worldwide, is the global leader of successful Start-up companies second only to Silicon Valley, and ranks second globally in the "Start-Up Ecosystem Index". Israeli companies maintain a significant presence in US public exchanges (NASDAQ and NYSE), and have yielded innovations that dominate the most disruptive technology sectors, such as Modem, System on a Chip, Video and Image Processing, Internet and Mobile Applications, Wireless Technologies, Financial Software, and Security Software.

Israel is a unique, exciting, and unprecedented innovation hub, full of incomparable investment opportunities.

The Communication, Semiconductor, Internet and Media sectors comprise more than half of all venture capital investments and well over the majority of exits in Israel. For the past two decades, it has been Israeli centers of innovation and technology that have literally redefined ways in which humans interact throughout the world and beyond. Today, however, many of the best ideas are overlooked because they are "too early", and cannot even mange to develop prototypes due to a lack of capital. At this point in history, Israeli ventures are underfunded, despite the vast amount of early stage opportunities in existence when valuations are most attractive. Magma Venture Partners has chosen to commit to these specific sectors in these specific early stages, to handpick excellent ideas and ensure they are brought to life.