Eyal Rosenberg

Co-Founder and CEO of Nipendo

Mr. Rosenberg’s leadership experience was evidenced during his tenure as the Captain of an Israeli Defense Force’s Dvora patrol navy ship, and as the commander of a squadron comprising of 8 large Dabur navy patrol ships. Mr. Rosenberg graduated the prestigious Israeli Defense Forces Naval Officers Course, and Eyal's professional experience is also extensive. Eyal served as an Application Engineer and as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ZIUR, an Israeli solution provider of data-retrieval systems. Mr. Rosenberg was also the Vice President of R&D and the Vice President of Professional Services at BaaN Israel. Prior to co-founding Nipendo, Eyal co-founded and served as CEO of IBOTsoft Inc. Mr. Rosenberg holds his B.A. in Finance and Marketing from Tel Aviv College, as well as his MBA from Bar Ilan University.